Wave Sensor

  • Wave Sensor 2.0/ Wave Direction/ Wave Period/ Wave Height

    Wave Sensor 2.0/ Wave Direction/ Wave Period/ Wave Height


    Wave sensor is a completely new upgraded version of the second generation, based on the nine-axis acceleration principle, through the completely new optimized sea research patent algorithm calculation, which can effectively obtain the ocean wave height, wave period,wave direction and other information. The equipment adopts a completely new heat-resisting material, improving product environmental adaptability and greatly reducing the product weight at the same time. It has a built-in ultra-low power embedded wave data processing module, offering RS232 data transmission interface, which can easily be integrated in the existing ocean buoys, drifting buoy or unmanned ship platforms and so on. And it can collect and transmit wave data in real time to provide reliable data for ocean wave observation and research.There are three versions available to meet the needs of different users: basic version, standard version, and professional version.