Tide Logger/ Small Size/ Light Weight/ Flexible/ Pressure and Temperature Observation

Short Description:

HY-CWYY-CW1 Tide Logger is designed and produced by Frankstar. It is small in size, light in weight, flexible in use, can obtain tide level values within a long observation period, and temperature values at the same time. The product is very suitable for pressure and temperature observation in nearshore or shallow water, can be deployed for a long time. The data output is in TXT format.

Product Detail

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Small size, light weight
2.8 million sets of measurements
Configurable sampling period

USB Data Download

Pressure calibration before water entry

Technical Parameter

Housing material: POM
Housing pressure: 350m
Power: 3.6V or 3.9V disposable lithium battery
Communication mode: USB
Storage space: 32M or 2.8 million sets of measurements
Sampling frequency: 1Hz/2Hz/4Hz
Sampling period: 1s-24h.

Clock drift: 10s / year

Pressure range:20m、50m、100m、200m、300m
Pressure accuracy:0.05%FS
Pressure resolution:0.001%FS

Temperature range:-5-40℃
Temperature accuracy:0.01℃
Temperature resolution:0.001℃

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